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Our Products

12′ FT. LED Glow Bar

Wow your guests with a brilliant display of LED color that can be tailored to fit any event or color scheme you can dream of. This Glow Bar makes a statement and provides plenty of surface space for whatever you may need!

6′ FT. Branded Glow Bar

Match your Glow Bar with your event logo or theme. Our professional artists print and apply your logo to our LED Bar prior to your event so it can stand out in the crowd on the day of!

Branded Glow O’ Bar

Brand Our Deluxe Glow O’ Bar!! Looking to maximize your bar space while wowing your guests at the same time? The Deluxe Glow O’ Bar is exactly what you are looking for. This staggering piece provides plenty of space for glassware or party décor while still functioning as a full bar space.


Centerpieces offer unlimited possibilities and great custom features to make your event unique with your theme or guest of honor. Reach out to an event specialist today to discuss our amazing centerpiece options.


Choose White or Black, our Cubbies are great for Mitzvahs or Birthday Parties and allow your guests to put their belongings away before taking part in the great festivities. This also allows a safe and clean place to leave any party favors.

Custom Gobos

Looking to transform your venue into your own club or lounge? Our Custom Gobos offer you a great way to customize any event space to match your event logos, themes or guests of honor!

Custom O’Bar

Another new addition to our Event Décor is our O’ Bar, featuring a large circle in the front of the bar. This allows for an absolutely amazing Customization/Branding space which transforms this bar into a masterpiece.

Custom Step and Repeat Banners

Create a focal point at your event, show, or party by displaying impactful themed-backdrop walls with stunning custom step & repeat banners. Use them for engaging your target audience as it highlights your booth at any event. Used for taking selfies, these banners are appropriate for any event setting.

Custom Trade Show Booth Lounge

Everyone is always looking for a comfortable space to relax for a few minutes during their down time at a trade show. Our Trade Show Booth Lounge is that perfect setup, comfortable seating combined with elegant looks will be sure to attract everyone to your space.

Deluxe Blacklight Photo Booth

The Deluxe Edition of our popular Blacklight Booth truly brings this piece to another level! Using glow in the dark dance platforms we create a lifted stage that the booth sets on to create an amazing enclosure of Neon Madness! Your guests will feel like they have stepped into another galaxy and will get an awesome photo to go with it!

Deluxe Chrome O’ Bar

Introducing the epitome of sophistication and style in event decor: the Deluxe Chrome O’ Bar. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a sleek, contemporary design, this bar exudes luxury from every angle.

Glistening under the soft glow of ambient lighting, the chrome finish of this bar creates a striking visual impact, instantly elevating any space it graces. Its smooth, reflective surface catches the eye, inviting guests to gather around and indulge in the wonder of this epic creation.

Deluxe Dj Booth & Dance Stages

Music is one of the most important aspects of every wedding. We focus on providing both a captivating and elegant DJ Booth that will be center of attention while the DJ creates the best sounding music sets. Enhancement are available like adding HD Video displays on the sides of your booth or one large screen at the center of your booth.

Deluxe Glow Bar

Featuring a wide base and massive counter space, the Deluxe Glow Bar is simply amazing. Light it up any color and it will be the focal point of the room!

Deluxe Glow O’ Bar

Looking to maximize your bar space while wowing your guests at the same time? The Deluxe Glow O’ Bar is exactly what you are looking for. This staggering piece provides plenty of space for glassware or party décor while still functioning as a full bar space.

Giant Games

CES has a wide range of Giant Games that are perfect for your Wedding. These games range from some of the all-time classics to new modernized options. We are always updating our list of games to ensure we have everything you need!

Gloss Black Dance Floor

This true black dance floor provides a sleek and smooth surface that invites dancers to move and groove to the beat of the music. The surface is a deep, rich black color, which helps to absorb the light, creating a dark and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for dancing.

Gloss Checkered Dance Floor

As dancers move across the floor, the checkered pattern seems to come to life, creating a mesmerizing optical illusion that enhances the beauty and energy of the event. The contrast between the black and white squares adds a sense of drama and sophistication to the space, elevating the overall atmosphere and creating a truly memorable experience for all those who are lucky enough to dance upon it.

Gloss White Dance Floor

Our beautiful white dance floor is a stunning sight to behold. It is a clean, pristine surface that shines like freshly fallen snow. The surface is smooth and level, without any imperfections or blemishes, creating a seamless and flawless appearance suitable for any type of event!

Glow Candy Wall

A brand-new addition to our event décor, the Glow Candy Wall is a stunning, large display of Candy Heaven. This towering wall stands over 7 feet tall and glimmers and shines as your guests indulge in the sweets of their choice!

Hedge Wall

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Infinity Photo Booth

The Infinity Mirror Booth is an enclosed photo booth that surrounds your guests with reflections that go on forever. Guests interact with a super easy to use touchscreen inside and can use digital props. Choose from animations or photos for your event. Guests receive their images through text and email, ready to be shared on social media. After your event, you will receive a link to your gallery, which holds all images from your event!

Intelligent Lighting Towers

Get the party rocking with our Intelligent Lighting Towers. These lights come with a technician that will match the flow of your event while switching up the lighting sequences based on what is happening at your party. These are great for enhancing a dance set or a live band.

LED Dance Floor

Creative Event Services is now offering our amazing LED dance floor as an innovative and
visually stunning technology that combines advanced lighting with interactive elements to
create an immersive dance experience. The LED dance floor combines high quality, durable
panels with thousands of LED lights that can be programmed to display an endless array of
colorful and dynamic patterns, shapes, and animations.
The floor is designed to be durable and safe, with non-slip surfaces and edges that cover the
gap to the ground. It is also easy to set up and can be customized to fit the specific needs of any
event, from a small dance party to a large-scale college event.
Another amazing aspect of our LED dance floor is the flexibility of the design. The panels can be
arranged in many size configurations to fit the specific needs of the event. Additionally, the
lights can be programmed to match any theme or style, from a classic star light effect to a high-
tech, futuristic display.
Overall, an LED dance floor is a must-have for any event looking to create a truly memorable
experience for guests. With its stunning visuals, interactivity, and flexibility, it's sure to be a hit
with dancers of all ages and backgrounds.

LED Dance Platforms

A must have for any party including a featured DJ or Emcee, our Dance Platforms can be set up in a variety of ways to fit your venue or preference. Light them up to the color of your choice and let the fun begin!

LED Glow Cocktail Tables

Nothing brings a room together better than our LED Glow Cocktail tables. These are the perfect height for the group setting and your guests will be gathering comfortably around these glowing tables to enjoy the party!

LED Ping Pong Table

Will Light Up Your Party! With Our Led the Led Table Is Taking the Game of Ping Pong, Or Table Tennis, To A Whole New Level. This Led Ping Pong Table Has Multiple Independent Strings of Color Changing Led Lights Built Directly into The Table. Set It Up with Your Favorite Colors, Or Even the Colors of Your Favorite Sports Team. Maybe Set Up the Led Lighted Ping Pong Table Rental to Have Your Company or Organization’s Colors. The Led Lighted Ping Pong Table Rental Can Also Be Set to Flash or Slowly Change Colors! The Possibilities Are Endless! Our Led Lighted Ping Pong Table Rental Breathes New Life into The Game and Is Sure to Be an Attraction That Will Make Your Party LIT!!

LED Up lighting

Our LED Up lighting can instantly make a space feel elegant & glamorous. You can use different lighting throughout a party or reception to transition from cocktail hour, to dinner, to dance party, each with a totally different feel that is still consistent with your vision for the event. Proper lighting also allows you to customize your venue’s space and atmosphere to perfectly suit your event.
Our LED technology lighting provides you with no limitation to your creativity and freedom of expression. Each one of our lighting units can be programmed to the color of your choice, based on your event decor or overall event color scheme. Highly trained on-site event light technicians are included with almost all our lighting packages.

Lounge Furniture Packages

From leather sofas and scoop stools to cocktail tables and bars, our extensive selection of lounge and party furniture can enhance the décor and appeal of your event. Classic or contemporary, elegant, or jazzy we can supply the finest lounge and party furniture available. Whether you wish to bring a touch of sophistication to your event or make your party aloud with creative and unique furniture, we have everything to match your preferences. We keep regularly updating our collection to bring you the trendiest and most stylish items. Let our incredible team of professionals assist you in choosing the most suitable furniture while keeping in mind the theme of your event. You can impress your guests with the most stylish and incredible lounge setting, which is not only aesthetically appealing but extremely functional as well. Take your pick from our already designed packages or explore our collection and come up with something of your own!

Pin Spot Lighting

Pin Spot Lighting is a great way to make sure all the hard work you put in planning your event does not go unnoticed. Our Pin Spots are magnetic and can discretely be added to your party while providing some amazing, featured lighting pointed directly at tables with centerpieces, photos, bars, furniture sets, stages, favors and more!

Red Carpet Entrance

Now you can add your own Red-Carpet Entrance to your event with our Red-Carpet Stanchion and Rope Package. Deluxe options can also include up lighting, LCD/LED/Plasma screen rentals and custom video. Also ask about our event photographers with onsite printing and custom step and repeat banners that will take your red-carpet entrance to the next level.

Selfie Mirror Booth

The Self Mirror Photo Booth is currently the most advanced photo booth on the market today and Creative Event Services has it! Your Bar Bat Mitzvah guests will be instantly amazed by this new technology. It’s as simple as touching the mirror to take the photos!

Super Social Photo Booth

A very Sleek looking photo booth, the Super Social Booth is another new addition to our line of booths. What makes it special is the LED ring that lights up in a full rainbow of colors while also creating that perfect lighting for an amazing photo!

Vogue Booth

The Vogue Booth is our newest addition to our line of amazing photo booths. The Vogue is more than just a Photo Booth, it is an experience. With LED Tubes lights spanning across both inner sides of the booth you truly are immersed in a photo booth unlike any other. The final product is a customized picture with the option to add our slow-motion video clip as well.

White Dance Floor

Our Sleek Ultra-Modern White Dancefloor is a simply stunning piece to add to your already amazing wedding floorplan. Our floor can accommodate any size needed for your venue and are guaranteed to get everyone on the dancefloor!