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3-Sided Photo Wall

Introducing our innovative Custom 3-Sided Photo Wall Photo Booth – the ultimate addition to your event that promises to elevate the photo-taking experience to new heights! Designed to captivate and entertain, this cutting-edge photo booth is more than just a picture station; it’s a customizable immersive environment that will leave your guests delighted and amazed.

360 Slow Motion Booth

Looking for a unique experience for your guests? Look no further than this marquee item. The 360 Booth offers a fun way to engage with friends or coworkers while creating an amazing final piece to take home. Guided by our professional staff members, your guests will step onto our platform while a camera rotates around them at a full 360 degrees capturing a slow-motion video that never disappoints! Music and video affects are added to the final video.

Animated GIF Photo Booth

A GIF is a constantly looping animation of individual photos. Have your photo session stand out! Now your photos can tell a story and come to life before your very eyes. The GIF Booth produces an animated GIF that can be shared on social media instantly. Every GIF photo is printed on a 4×6 or a 2×6 photo strip and can be fully customized for any type of event. You can also send the GIF animation to your Email, as well as Post it on Facebook or to Twitter using any headline, hashtag, or text desired.

Black Light Booth

The Black Light Booth is an enclosed photo booth that surrounds your guests with reflections that go on forever. Guest wear black light props and can even write on the walls with special black light markers, making for a huge signing board! Guests interact with a super easy to use touchscreen inside. Choose from animations or photos for your event. Guests receive their images through text and email, ready to be shared on social.

Branded Open Air Photo Booth

When you brand our Open-Air Booth, you really are getting a 100% branded experience. The body of your photo booth will be wrapped with vinyl from top to bottom with matching colors and logos. This along with your custom template print outs will make for an unforgettable photo booth at your next event!

Branded Super Social Booth

Looking to enhance the display of your photo booth to match your company logo & colors or go with an event theme? The branding capabilities of this booth are head to toe and will transform your photo booth into your own matching entertainment piece!

Custom Photo Booth

The Custom Photo Booth is a mobile photography studio, complete with a custom designed set that provides fun entertainment for your event guests. Beautiful studio and stage lighting is incorporated to capture everyone at their best. Each photo booth commission is unique to the client. No two photo booths are alike. During a consultation, clients are interviewed and shown various design inspirations to help define their personal style.

Deluxe Blacklight Booth

The Deluxe Edition of our popular Blacklight Booth truly brings this piece to another level! Using glow in the dark dance platforms we create a lifted stage that the booth sets on to create an amazing enclosure of Neon Madness! Your guests will feel like they have stepped into another galaxy and will get an awesome photo to go with it!

Digital Graffiti Wall

Show off your artistic skills without the mess. The Digital Graffiti Wall is a hot new product. Step in front of the screen and have your photo taken. Your image will come up onto the wall. Grab a paint can and decorate your photo. The can sprays where you point. Use a custom stencil or free hand.


So, what are Flip Books? Simply put, Flip Books are a way to bring your parties to life with the newest craze in customized party favors. How? We set up a display in a 10’x10′ area at your party or event and invite guests to step behind the camera and make a short video clip. In a minute and a half, we turn the video clip into a personalized flipbook while partygoers’ watch. It creates a buzz as your guests’ watch each other make a short video clip and give each other great ideas!

Giant Mirror Booth

The Giant Mirror Booth is our next generation Magic Mirror Photo Booth. Standing 6 Feet Tall with a stunning edge to edge mirror display making it easy to captre pristine quality photos with any background. The updated touchscreen interface allows you to customize your photo with animated props and text options before printing. Make your next event extraordinary with this unique and interactive piece!

Green Screen Flipbooks

If you love Flipbooks and are looking for a fresh and new twist to the classic, look no further. Our Green Screen Flipbooks turn it up a notch by adding in custom backgrounds for your guests to choose from and create a totally unique flipbook. These backgrounds can be images you choose or can be a custom background we create for you with your logo or custom colors!

Infinity Mirror Booth

The Infinity Mirror Booth is an enclosed photo booth that surrounds your guests with reflections that go on forever. Guests interact with a super easy to use touchscreen inside and can use digital props. Choose from animations or photos for your event. Guests receive their images through text and email, ready to be shared on social media. After your event, you will receive a link to your gallery, which holds all images from your event!

Open Air Green Screen Photo Booth

Like our Open-Air Photo Booth this Green Screen Edition adds an amazing touch to your Photo Booth. Choose from our library or send us custom backgrounds of your choice to ‘insert into’ the background of your photos. We use a green screen and professional chroma keying software to create a crisp image teleporting your guests to virtually anywhere!

Open Air Photo Booth

The Open-Air Photo Booth is one of our most popular photo booths. Giving you the ability to customize the experience for you and your guests. We work with you to design a custom template that will fit the theme of your event and leave everyone with a memory that last forever!

Open Air Super Booth

The Super Booth is one of our most interactive Photo Booths. This Booth takes 9 different photos, and your guests are instructed by a on screen photographer of their choice. Following along to poses that are shown on screen and ending the photo session with 3 freestyle photos makes this booth a guaranteed great time!

Selfie Mirror Booth

The Self Mirror Photo Booth is currently the most advanced photo booth on the market today and Creative Event Services has it! Your Bar Bat Mitzvah guests will be instantly amazed by this new technology. It’s as simple as touching the mirror to take the photos!

Step N’ Repeat Photos

Have a Hollywood type photo shoot right at your event? This package comes complete with an event photographer w/ on site printing, red carpet, and stanchions just like a real red-carpet event. Create amazing HD Photos for your guests to take with them and remember the special event!


Super Social Booth

A very Sleek looking photo booth, the Super Social Booth is another new addition to our line of booths. What makes it special is the LED ring that lights up in a full rainbow of colors while also creating that perfect lighting for an amazing photo!

Super Social Roamer

Who says a photo booth must stay in one place? Our Super Social Roamer brings the booth to your guests! No need to worry about people locating the photo booth, this one will find them! Our professional attendants will friendly interact with your attendees and ensure they receive an amazing photo which they can instantly send to their email or cell phone!

Virtual Photo Booth

Our Virtual Photo Booth is a fun and simple way to create a unique experience for your guests. Start by working with one of our experts on designing your custom overlay. Then your guests can enjoy a custom interface with your company logo and pick out different virtual props to include in their photos before sending them out on social media or just downloading them right to their smartphone device or laptop!

Vogue Booth

The Vogue Booth is our newest addition to our line of amazing photo booths. The Vogue is more than just a Photo Booth, it is an experience. With LED Tubes lights spanning across both inner sides of the booth you truly are immersed in a photo booth unlike any other. The final product is a customized picture with the option to add our slow-motion video clip as well.