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Dance Floors

Black Dance Floor

This true black dance floor provides a sleek and smooth surface that invites dancers to move and groove to the beat of the music. The surface is a deep, rich black color, which helps to absorb the light, creating a dark and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for dancing.

Checkered Dance Floor

As dancers move across the floor, the checkered pattern seems to come to life, creating a mesmerizing optical illusion that enhances the beauty and energy of the event. The contrast between the black and white squares adds a sense of drama and sophistication to the space, elevating the overall atmosphere and creating a truly memorable experience for all those who are lucky enough to dance upon it.

LED Dance Floor

Photo Booth Supplier is now offering our amazing LED dance floor as an innovative and visually stunning technology that combines advanced lighting with interactive elements to create an immersive dance experience. The LED dance floor combines high-quality, durable panels with thousands of LED lights that can be programmed to display an endless array of colorful and dynamic patterns, shapes, and animations.

The floor is designed to be durable and safe, with non-slip surfaces and edges that cover the gap to the ground. It is also easy to set up and can be customized to fit the specific needs of any event, from a small dance party to a large-scale college event.

Another amazing aspect of our LED dance floor is the flexibility of the design. The panels can be arranged in many size configurations to fit the specific needs of the event. Additionally, the lights can be programmed to match any theme or style, from a classic star light effect to a high-tech, futuristic display.

Overall, an LED dance floor is a must-have for any event looking to create a truly memorable experience for guests. With its stunning visuals, interactivity, and flexibility, it’s sure to be a hit with dancers of all ages and backgrounds.

White Dance Floor

Our beautiful white dance floor is a stunning sight to behold. It is a clean, pristine surface that shines like freshly fallen snow. The surface is smooth and level, without any imperfections or blemishes, creating a seamless and flawless appearance suitable for any type of event!